If you’re selling products online, having high-quality images is one of the most important aspects of your business. Website photos can make or break a sale. Hiring a professional photographer to take your photos can take your website to the next level.

Photography is a broad discipline with lots of subcategories. Someone who is great at shooting weddings isn’t necessarily good at shooting products or website photos. The two require very different skill sets. Don’t assume that a great photographer is great at all types of photography.

And, while it’s tempting to cut corners, don’t. Your cousin who has a new camera and took some great shots probably isn’t your best bet. You want to hire a photographer who is experienced in catalog product or website photography.

Whether you want to use your own photos, hire your own photographer or let FWC provide a photgrapher, communication is the most important thing when creating a website. The photos should fit the website and for this reason the webdesigner and the photographer has to work this out together.